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LLN Glossary

Karen Squire-Ryan

Match the LLN terms to their definitions.

ACSF A person who has some LLN knowledge and skill, sufficient to identify LLN gaps and issues. Whilst they can cater for LLN differences and develop strategies for mismatches they rely on advice from LLN Specialists and LLN tools devised by specialists for complex situations
Foundation Skills Using mathematics to make sense of the world. Numeracy involves the use and application of a range of mathematical skills and knowledge
Language An LLN specialist is a professional (often a teacher) who holds specialist qualifications along with years of experience working in the language, literacy and numeracy field
Literacy Essential skills for work. Learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy plus Teamwork, Problem solving, Technology, Planning and organising, Self- management, Initiative, Learning and Enterprise and Digital literacy
Numeracy Language, Literacy and Numeracy. Together, these are the skills to communicate in oral and written form and includes numeracy, such as the recognition and use of numbers and basic mathematical signs and symbols.
LLN The ability to read, write and use written information, also involves speaking and listening, along with reading and writing, and the ability to recognise and use language appropriate to different situations.
LLN Practitioner Australian Core Skills Framework – provides a picture of performance in five core skills
LLN Specialist Communication by voice, using auditory symbols in a uniform fashion.

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