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Religion Revision


Match the phrases with the correct term. All relate to what you have been learning in SOR.

In Aboriginal tradition, the name given to an 'All Father' being Sanskrit
According to Islam, the supreme, creator God Sangha
Islamic place of worship  Mosque
Islamic community; refers to the worldwide Muslim community Dharma
The sacred book of Islam Elders
In the Muslim tradition, one who is not a believer Infidel
In aboriginal tradition, the name given to the "Mother from across the sea" Pali
Those in authority in Aboriginal society Biame
In aboriginal spirituality, the name given to Ancestor Beings of the Kimberley region of WA Qu'ran
In Buddhist tradition this means seeing clearly the reality of duhkha and overcoming all the obscurations and temptations of Mara Allah
The language of Theravada Buddhism Enlightenment
The classical language of India Wandjina
Religious teachings, In buddhism '_____' refers to the Buddha's teachings Buddha
The Buddhist monastic community Umma
One who has achieved enlightenment Imberombera

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