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Word Roots

David, Phil, and Kyle

Word Roots Column One

1acou _____flat, broad
2dog/dox _____marketplace, assembly
3meter/metr _____struggle
4orth _____feeling, perception
5aesth/esth _____measure
6agon _____glue gelatinous
7culp _____motion
8proto _____sacred
9agor _____flower
10fort _____strong
11phob _____fear of
12anem/anemo _____rough
13bar _____opinion, praise
14phil _____to place, to put
15trop _____write, written
16anth _____burn up
17chrys _____wind
18graph _____ash
19hier _____hear
20typ _____worm
21aort _____head, brain
22arct _____commotion, agitation
23thes/thet _____strike, shake
24asper _____nose
25turb _____pressure, weight
26branchi _____form
27helminth _____to press together
28platy _____model, impression
29pod/pus _____gill
30rhin _____love, loving
31cant _____song
32cephal _____lift, raise
33morph _____chest
34thora _____straight, right
35cinct _____foot
36cuss _____first, ahead
37cinemat/kine _____fault, blame
38ciner _____turn
39combus _____bind, border, surround
40coll _____gold, yellow

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