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Photoshop Elements Word Match

Ms. Kostenbader

A word match puzzle is one where the user has to match a word (or phrase) to its corresponding phrase.

Creative Commons Web site that has 1000's of images
Copyright laws This is an effect that can range from something as simple as a blurred or softened image to wild, psychedelic patterns, distortions, and artistic effects
Photoshop Elements Ways to alter you photograph, such as filters, distortions, Artistic effects, or color changes.
Digital photograph Software that allows alteration of photographs
https://www.flickr.com Area in Photoshop elements where you insert your photos to work on
Photoshop Elements -- effects Photograph that is taken with a digital camera
PSD file format  A site that allows you to find photographs that are able to be altered
filter Function that allows you to seperate what you want in a photo from what you don't want.
Workspace  Definition this is the native format for photoshop. It saves all the data in the photoshop file.This is the native format for photosho. It saves all the data in the photoshop file.
Magic extractor Career for artists that would use Photoshop Elements
Graphic Designer Laws that protect original work
Ethical Issues( which means-knowing right from wrong) when using technology  is one that does not have a damaging impact on oneself, other individuals, or on society.

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