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Science test 5/30

Instrument that records Earthquake waves volcano
A _______ is an instrument that records earthquake waves seismograph
Break in the Earth's crust along which rocks move crust
A ______ is a break in the crust along which rock moves epicenter
Point of Earth's surface right above the focus of an earthquake seismograph
The ______ is the point of the surfact that is right above the focus plates
Underground point where an earthquake first starts core
The point underground where the movement first took place is called the ______ earthquake
Thickest layer of Earth, made of solid and melted rock crust
Below the crust is the ______ mantle
Layer of Earth that is land and ocean floor focus
Earth's ______ is the layer we can walk on fault
Deepest and hottest layer of Earth volcano
Deep insided the Earth is the ______ epicenter
Mountain that forms because magma is rising through the earth's crust fault
A ______ is a mountain that forms when red-hot melted rocks flows through a crack onto the earth's surface core
Layers of rock that move mantle
Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into continent-sized slabs called plates
Shaking of the Earth's Crust earthquake
An ______ is a vibration, or shaking, of Earth's crust focus

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