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cfm flood zones match

Eric Pardee

1A _____ Area of undetermined but possible flood hazard. Unit 3, Section F.
2Al-30 _____ Shallow flooding SFHA. Base flood elevations in relation to NGVD are provided.
3AE _____ Area of minimal flood hazard, usually depicted on Flood Insurance Rate Maps as above the 500-year flood level. B and C Zones may have flooding that does not meet the criteria to be mapped as a Special Flood Hazard Area, especially pending and local drainage problems. Unit 3, Section F.
4AO _____ SFHA where base flood elevations are provided. AE Zone delineations are now used on new FIRMs instead of A# Zones.
5AH _____ The Special Flood Hazard Area subject to coastal high hazard flooding. There are three types of V Zones V, Vl-30, and VE, and they correspond to the A Zone designations. Unit 3, Section F.
6Zone B _____ Area of moderate flood hazard, usually depicted on Flood Insurance Rate Maps as between the limits of the base and 500-year floods. B Zones are also used to designate base floodplains of little hazard, such as those with average depths of less than 1 foot. Unit 3, Section F.
7Zone C _____ SFHA where no base flood elevation is provided.
8Zone D _____ Newer Flood Insurance Rate Maps show Zones B and C (see above) as Zone X. Unit 3, Section F.
9Zone V _____ SFHA with sheet flow, ponding, or shallow flooding . Base flood depths (feet above grade) are provided.
10Zone X _____ Numbered A Zones (e.g., A7 or Al4), SFHA where the FIRM shows a base flood elevation in relation to NGVD.

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