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Negotiation Vocabulary

Melanie Wilcox

Alternatives Person on the other side of the negotiations
Amplify  Present an issue to someone directly
Arbitration  The lowest one is willing to go
Bargain Be deserving of
Bottom-line Try to change a person's mind by using various tactics
Collective General terms for negotiations
Compensate Present other side of an issue
Comply Arguing back and forth (often about prices)
Compromise Other options
Concession Expand; give more information
Conflict resolution Point where neither party will give in
Confront Agreement by all
Consensus Argument/conflict
Cooperation A thing that is granted or accepted
Counter proposal Make up for a loss
Counterattack Conflict that is addressed by using a neutral third party
Counterpart Politely
Cordially Open/willing to change
Demands Have the most control/stronger presence
Deadlock Changing one's mind/terms slightly in order to find a resolution
Dispute Together
Dominate The working together
Entitled  Needs/expectations that one side believes it deserves
Flexible The offer/request which is presented second in response to the first proposal
Haggling Agree

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