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Theme 6 Week 5 Hidden Worlds

Dr. P.

Please match the spelling word with it's definition.

1favorable _____very significant or impressive
2capable _____to have or experience as a benefit for one's use
3tangible _____a figure that has three sides and three angles
4invisible _____adapted to a use or purpose
5unbelievable _____to fall or shrink together abruptly
6bicycle _____a light vehicle with two wheels, handlebars, a saddle seat, and pedals by which it is made to move
7likeable _____to separate into parts suddenly or forcibly
8collapsible _____having the qualities to do or accomplish something
9convertible _____characterized by honesty
10useable _____able to be changed in form or use
11breakable _____not beyond what is usual or suspected
12laughable _____causing laughter or scorn
13comfortable _____decent or correct in character or behavior
14manageable _____showing or containing good reason
15respectable _____possible to put up with
16reasonable _____not varying
17possible _____promising
18honorable _____suitable for fit or use
19affordable _____capable of being touched
20uniform _____to look after and make decisions about
21triangle _____to be able to pay for
22bearable _____easily liked
23enjoyable _____impossible to see
24suitable _____more than adequate
25sensible _____being something that can be done

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