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Software Terminology


License Extending the term of a contract, maintenance term or subscription
Perpetual  Packaged product wrapped in plastic typically bought in retail stores
Subscription Grants the legal right to run a software program
Transactional Full Package Product
Shrink-wrap How software technology is delivered: CD, DVD, or ESD
FPP  Alignment of software use and installation to the product-use rights defined in the terms and conditions
Version  Requires a signature, is a binding agreement and utilizes larger discounts
Edition An associated entity that owns and controls or is owned and controlled by another entity
Upgrade Gives the right to the newest version for the duration the license is “covered”
Step-Up Method by which software technology is received via a download
Maintenance Predefined checkpoints
Renewal Largest form of commitment for a software contract and best way to distinguish
Affiliate Moving from one version to another
OEM  Moving from one edition to another
Compliant Grouping together similar products or skus
Evergreen Ending at the same time
Co-term One time purchase, discounts based on individual order
Sync-up  Bringing into alignment for co-termination
ESD Distinguishes products with additional technologies and capabilities
Pool The right to use the current version of the software for a limited term
Milestone Leveraging third-party computing resources, such as network grids and server farms to extend IT capabilities
Cloud Computing The release sequence of a software product
Media Automatically renews, never ends
Contractual Static, remains the same, useable forever
Enterprise Agreement Original to the equipment purchased

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