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The second half of the negotiation vocabulary

Melanie Wilcox

Hostility Convince by altering or not telling the truth about something
High-ball Has difficulty choosing/making a decision
Impulse A win
Indecisive Make a request that is much higher than you expect to receive
Leverage Terms that are offered in exchange for something else
Log-rolling Open to/interested in an idea
Low-ball A person's ideas/thoughts
Mislead  Offer something much lower than you think the opponent will ask for
Mutual Work hard to convince another of an idea
Objective A display of opposition
Point of view  Argument to present
Pressure  A final term that has serious consequences if not met
Proposal  Bargaining power
Receptive Trading one favor for another
Resentment Strategies used to get one's goals met
Resistance Feeling of stress/anxiety caused by heavy conflict
Resolve Agreed by both or all
Tactics Quick decision without thought or time
Tension Anger held on to from a previous argument
Trade-off To give in to another
Ultimatum  Very unlikely to happen
Unrealistic  Long-term anger towards another
Victory End conflict, come to an agreement
Yield Goal for the outcome

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