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Iris large dilated pupils
Sclera transparent anterior outermost layer of the eyeball which covers the pupil and iris
Conjunctiva constricts pupils
Cornea fixed and dilated pupils
Lacrimal gland located alongside the nasal bridge and receives excessive tears from lacrimal gland
Nasolacrimal sac pinpoint pupils
Extraocular muscles located in the upper lid and produces tears
Cataracts circular muscular tissue that forms the colored part of the eye
miosis cornea cloudy, abrasions, opacities, iris with specks, absence of part
mydriasis dilate pupils
adrengic drugs six muscles innervated by cranial nerves that move the eye
Increased ICP, brain death tough avascular layer that gives the eye its structure and gives the eye its white color
Opioids, alcohol mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and outermost portion of the globe

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