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Story of Money


1Barter  _____ Savings accounts, money market accounts
2Money  _____ Trading without money
3Medium of exchange  _____ Buying a laand that is back by a fully depreciated asset
4Portability  _____ Making money into smaller amounts
5Durable  _____ Checking accounts, cash, coins
6Divisible  _____ Means of exchange using scarce materials, metals, or produce
7Stability  _____ Ability to withstand use
8Acceptability  _____ Showing that money's value does not vary too much
9Commodity money  _____ Money that is being used for the purpose of buying/selling goods or services.
10Representative money  _____ A payment for using money
11Inconvertible flat  _____ The use of a receipt or paper money to gurantee value
12Gold standard  _____ The ease with which money can be carried from place to place.
13Inflation  _____ A chance on investment where the interest ratets will increase
14Money  _____ Money that is back by a fixed amount of commodity
15M1  _____ a debt
16M2 _____ A price for using money
17Interest  _____ Refers to paper and virtual money that is not back by real commodity
18Interest rate  _____ Anything that functions as a medium of value
19Real interest rate  _____ Investment that has gone bad and there is a default in payments
20Expected inflation  _____ Ability to use or accept a value of money
21Default risk premium  _____ Situation in which excess money drives up prices
22Liquidity premium  _____ Equal line between saving and borrowing money
23Maturity risk  _____ Estimating payment for using money

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