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Greek Gods & Goddesses


1Aphrodite _____Animal is peacock
2Aphrodite _____Animal is the eagle
3Aphrodite _____Son of Zeus
4Apollo _____God of Music
5Apollo _____Messenger of the gods
6Apollo _____Animal is owls
7Ares _____Animal is the tortoise
8Ares _____Song of Zeus
9Ares _____God of sleep
10Artemis _____Animal is cicadas
11Artemis _____Animal is doves
12Artemis _____God of the sea
13Athena _____King of the underworld
14Athena _____Goddess of hunt
15Athena _____Goddess of the night
16Demeter _____Gode of language and writing
17Demeter _____Animal is bears
18Demeter _____Animal is dogs
19Hades _____Mother Earth
20Hades _____Animal is the dolphin
21Hades _____Daughter of Zeus
22Hera _____God of war
23Hera _____Animal is pigs
24Hermes _____Queen of the gods and goddesses
25Hermes _____Symbol is roses
26Hermes _____Goddess of beauty
27Poseidon _____Sister of Zeus
28Poseidon _____Goddess of the harvest
29Poseidon _____King and father of gods
30Zeus _____Brother of Hades and Zeus
31Zeus _____Father Sky
32Gaia _____Goddess of peace
33Hypnos _____Born from Zeus
34Nyx _____Brother of Zeus
35Uranus _____Animal is screech owl

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