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SAT Words 1-20

Word Match with Definition

1PALINDROME _____an exaggeration, not to be taken seriously
2ADAGE _____a word or phrase which reads the same backward and forward
3HACKNEYED _____with no shape; unorganized
4HYPERBOLE _____perfectly clean; correct
5LURID _____to sharpen by rubbing; to stimulate
6THROE _____an old saying now accepted as being truthful
7VITIATE _____to instruct and improve the mind
8PRECIPITATE _____a companion; a spouse; to associate
9EDIFY _____using great force; described by strong feelings
10LIVID _____to cause to happen; happening quickly
11EMINENCE _____made common by overuse
12VEHEMENT _____glowing through haze; shocking; sensational
13AMORPHOUS _____to spoil; to cause moral weakness
14CONSORT _____a substance that contracts bodily tissues; harsh; biting
15IMMACULATE _____unfortunate
16UNTOWARD _____spasm or pang
17ASTRINGENT _____a lofty place; superiority
18CHARY _____to draw out; to infer from information
19EDUCE _____cautious
20WHET _____discolored, as if bruised; extremely angry; furious

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