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SAT Words 21-40

1DEPOSITION _____evil; an evil person; villain
2LUCID _____a driving impulse; to push into action
3HONE _____solitary; a person who lives in seclusion
4COY _____speculation; representative way of thinking
5FERVID _____to imitate in a non-serious manner; a comical imitation
6RELEGATE _____a strong expression of disapproval
7MODULATE _____something used to sharpen; to sharpen
8CASCADE _____intensely hot; impassioned
9EFFERVESCENCE _____shiny; clear-minded
10IMPERIOUS _____to assign to an inferior position; to commit to an action
11MISCREANT _____a slave-like manner
12DURESS _____arrogant; urgent
13IDEOLOGY _____to regulate or adjust; to vary the pitch
14RECLUSE _____imprisonment; the use of threats
15SERVILE _____a small series of waterfalls; something falling in a descending arrangement similar to a waterfall
16CHAFE _____a removal from office or power; a testimony
17GOAD _____modest; bashful; pretending shyness to attract
18SALIENT _____to annoy; to irritate; to wear away or make sore by rubbing
19CENSURE _____liveliness; spirit; enthusiasm; bubbliness
20BURLESQUE _____projecting; noticeable

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