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Paranoid   disregard for others with exploitation, repeated unlawful actions, deceit, and failure to accept personal responsibility
schizoid  extreme dependency in a close relationship with an urgent search to find a replacement when one relationship ends
schizotypal  odd or eccentric traits
cluster A distrust and suspiciousness toward others based on unfounded beliefs that others want to harm, exploit, or deceive the person
Cluster b perfectionism with a focus on orderliness and control to the extent that the individual may not be able to accomplish a given task
cluster c odd beliefs leading to interpersonal difficulties, an eccentric appearance, and magical thinking or perceptual distortions that are not clear delusions or hallucinations
Antisocial dramatic emotional erratic traits
Borderline arrogance, grandiose views of self-importance, the need for consistent admiration, and a lack of empathy for others that strains most relationships; often sensitive to criticism
Histrionic emotional attention-seeking behavior , in which the person needs to be the center of attention; often seductive and flirtatious
Narcissistic social inhibition and avoidance of all situations that require interpersonal contact, despite wanting close relationships, due to extreme fear of rejection; often very anxious in social situations
Avoidant instability of af fect, identity, and relationships, as well as splitting behaviors, manipulation, impulsiveness, and fear of abandonment; often tries self-injury and may be suicidal
dependent emotional detachment, disinterest in close relationships, and indifference to praise or criticism; often uncooperative
Obseessive-Compulsive anxious/fearful traits:insecurity and inadequacy

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