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1VISIONARY _____masculine; manly
2WAIVE _____regarding the future; undisclosed
3PRATTLE _____to understand; a nautical unit of depth equal to 6 feet
4AUSPICIOUS _____the range or limit of one's abilities; rope or chain used to keep a boat from drifting or an animal from wandering
5FATHOM _____excessive; unnecessary
6KEN _____having an evil disposition toward others (opposite: benign); to speak evil of
7COVETOUS _____to hesitate due to doubts; an objection raised
8MALIGN _____to give up; to put off until later
9PENSIVE _____to know; one's understanding
10TETHER _____of good omen; successful
11ULTERIOR _____contemptible; disgraceful; degrading
12WANTON _____unmanageable; unjustifiably malicious
13ODIUM _____wasteful; generous
14SUPERFLUOUS _____not realistic; impractical
15ACCRUE _____to tear or mangle; to wound or hurt
16LACERATE _____hatred; the disgrace from a hateful action
17DEMUR _____engaged in deep thought; expressing thoughtfulness with some sadness
18PRODIGAL _____to come to a person or thing by way of gain or increment; to increase through natural growth
19VIRILE _____childish babble; to babble while speaking
20IGNOMINIOUS _____greedy; eagerly desirous

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