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SAT Words 61-80

1IMPIETY _____eating away at; sarcastic words
2OBLOQUY _____to put to death; kill; to carry out; fulfill
3COLLOQUIAL _____an outflow of vapor of invisible particles; a noxious odor
4NEMESIS _____having to do with conversation; informal speech
5EFFLUVIUM _____to pretend to throw a punch, as in boxing; a fake show intended to deceive
6CAUSTIC _____very hard work; intense pain or agony
7IMPLICIT _____being hard to deal with; unsolved situation
8PROBLEMATIC _____irreverence toward God; lack of respect
9DEARTH _____giving a service; being in a subordinate position
10ENDEMIC _____understood but not plainly stated; without doubt
11ESOTERIC _____understood by only a chosen few; confidential
12EXECUTE _____verbal condemnation or abuse of a person or thing
13TRAVAIL _____native to a particular area; constantly present in a particular country or locality
14FATUOUS _____difficult to please; excessive care or delicacy; painstaking
15SODDEN _____calling for immediate attention; needing more than is reasonable
16ETHEREAL _____a person who inflicts just punishment; a rival
17EXIGENT _____very light; airy; heavenly; not earthly
18FASTIDIOUS _____soggy; dull in action as if from alcohol
19FEINT _____lacking in seriousness; vain and silly
20SUBSIDIARY _____costliness; scarcity of food

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