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SAT Words 81-100

1REPUDIATE _____to give authoritative permission; to penalize by way of discipline
2PALLIATE _____a person who has fallen behind; moving slowly
3DUBIOUS _____convenient in obtaining a result; guided by self-interest
4NOISOME _____a very small sum of money; a very small creature
5AUSTERE _____to show clearly; to appear
6EXPEDIENT _____lack of seriousness; instability
7MITE _____lacking vitality; indifferent
8TEEM _____ordinary; dishonorable
9OCCULT _____to force oneself or one's ideas upon another; to thrust forward; to eject
10SUBSTANTIVE _____untamed; having a worn look
11SANCTION _____to disown; to deny support for
12IMPETUOUS _____harmful to health; having a foul odor
13IGNOBLE _____having a stern look; having strict self-discipline
14LANGUID _____moving with great force; characterized by a sudden or rash action
15LEVITY _____to alleviate or ease pain but not cure; to make appear less serious
16MANIFEST _____causing doubt; hesitating; an undecided outcome
17OBTRUDE _____existing independently of others; a large quantity; essential
18LAGGARD _____to be stocked to overflowing; to pour out; to empty
19HAGGARD _____mysterious, beyond the range of ordinary knowledge; supernatural agencies and affairs considered as a whole
20BEREFT _____to be deprived of; to be in a sad manner

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