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SAT Words 101-120

1OSCILLATE _____harmless; dull
2PARAPET _____wordy; repetitive; unnecessary to the meaning
3PERIPHERAL _____closenss in time or place; closeness of relationship
4ENFRANCHISED _____to move back and forth; to have a wavering opinion
5FERRET _____the outer part of; slightly connected to what is important
6VOUCHSAFE _____to grant or give, as by favor or graciousness; to allow or permit
7PEREMPTORY _____to free from obligation; to admit to citizenship
8PLATONIC _____of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Plato's philosophy; not amorous or sensual
9QUIRK _____a twist; a peculiar trait
10PRECARIOUS _____barring future action; that which cannot be denied, or changed; final
11PRODIGIOUS _____a wall for protection; a low wall or railing
12PROPINQUITY _____depending upon another; risky; uncertain
13HARBOR _____a place of safety or shelter; to give shelter or protect
14VIRULENT _____poisonous; full of hate
15REDUNDANT _____sharp and piercing; expressive
16PROFUSION _____sweet-smelling
17PUNGENT _____to force out of hiding; to search for; a small, weasel-like mammal
18RAMPART _____a defense; to defend
19REDOLENT _____wonderful; enormous
20INNOCUOUS _____great wastefulness; a large abundance

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