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SAT Words 121-140

1REPUGNANT _____spread out; wordy; not focused
2EXHUME _____working diligently; persistent
3SEDULOUS _____clearly stated; characterized by conciseness
4SUCCINCT _____talkative; disrespectful
5MEANDER _____swollen; pompous
6ENCUMBER _____of a belief; suggested without proof; making assertions with an arrogant manner
7SEDENTARY _____having a religious devotion; sacred
8FLAG _____to unearth; to reveal
9PIOUS _____distasteful; offensive; opposed to
10ZENITH _____to hold back; to hinder; to burden; load down
11REPROBATE _____to condemn; to reject
12DIFFUSE _____a complete range; any complete musical scale
13TUMULT _____a thin surface layer; any attractive but superficial appearance
14GAMUT _____to wind; to wander; winding; wandering aimlessly
15FLIPPANT _____perfectly straight down; to solve
16SURFEIT _____characterized by sitting; remaining in one locality
17TUMID _____to become weak; to send a message
18PLUMB _____the point directly above in the sky; the highest point
19VENEER _____to indulge excessively; overindulgence
20DOGMATIC _____a noisy commotion; disturbance

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