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SAT Words 141-160

1RIVET _____being dormant; slow, sluggish
2CONSECRATE _____holding firmly; persistent
3RABID _____picking from various possibilities; made up of material from various sources
4FLUX _____cutting; keen or incisive
5TRENCHANT _____a state of uncertainty; difficult situation
6HARANGUE _____to thin out; weakened; diminishing
7TORPID _____a yielding of opinion; courteous respect for
8TENACIOUS _____dull or dark; not allowing light to pass through
9MALEDICTION _____to throw goods overboard to lighten a vehicle; to discard
10ECLECTIC _____putting a curse on someone; talking negatively about another
11OPAQUE _____to move in a stealthy way; to avoid responsibility
12SKULK _____smaller than average
13SUNDRY _____various; miscellaneous; separate; distinct
14JETTISON _____violent; fanatic about a belief
15SURMISE _____a lengthy; heartfelt speech; to talk excitedly
16PRESAGE _____to secrure; to hold firmly or to be engrossed
17DIMINUTIVE _____an omen; a foreshadowing characteristic
18DEFERENCE _____a guess; to guess
19QUANDARY _____to declare sacred; to dedicate
20ATTENUATE _____a flow; a continual change

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