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SAT Words 161-180

1BENEFICENT _____existing from birth
2CIRCUMSPECT _____neutral; unbiased (alternate meaning: uninterested)
3AMELIORATE _____a number of people in an organization working for a common cause against the main body
4MERETRICIOUS _____a chain to bind the feet together
5DISINTERESTED _____conferring benefits; kindly; doing good
6CAPTIOUS _____considering all circumstances
7GUFFAW _____frenzied
8CONTRITE _____to set aside; to designate; to assign
9DERISION _____a person who strongly supports one view
10QUAFF _____to involve a lawsuit
11FACTION _____to drink heartily
12FRENETIC _____disposed to find fault
13INNATE _____a song of praise or triumph
14LITIGATE _____one who eats heartily
15PARTISAN _____boisterous laughter
16FETTER _____to improve or make better
17GOURMAND _____repentant; caused by or showing sincere remorse
18ALLOCATE _____attractive by a show of flashy or vulgar qualities; tawdry
19PAEAN _____state of being at rest or without motion; stillness
20QUIESCENCE _____ridicule

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