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SAT Words 181-200

1JADED _____elementary
2PRAGMATIC _____a purging or relieving of the body or soul
3SCRUPULOUS _____misleading; deceptive
4SUMPTUOUS _____sparing in use of food or drinks
5FALLACIOUS _____approving or praising mention
6PLENARY _____worn-out
7RESURGENT _____to give up
8COTERIE _____to improve by adding details
9UBIQUITOUS _____to pray for evil; to invoke a curse
10PERUSE _____a trace of something that no longer exists
11VESTIGE _____practical
12ABJURE _____involving great expense; splendid; lavish
13EMBELLISH _____to read carefully; to study
14CATHARSIS _____unselfish devotion to the welfare of others
15LACONIC _____present everywhere
16IMPRECATE _____rising or tending to rise again
17ACCOLADE _____sparing of words; terse; pithy
18RUDIMENTARY _____making sure all details are perfect
19ALTRUISM _____a clique; a group who meets frequently, usually socially
20ABSTEMIOUS _____full; entire; absolute

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