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SAT Words 201-220

1DISHEARTENED _____a dishonest act
2CLOTURE _____day dream
3REVERIE _____friendly
4MISANTHROPE _____to separate (a sentence) into parts and describe the function of each
5MOROSE _____causing disgust or aversion through excess
6VERTIGO _____immature
7VORACIOUS _____a sensation of dizziness
8ADAMANT _____a parliamentary procedure to end debate and begin to vote
9FOSTER _____greedy in eating
10WANE _____a constantly quarrelsome woman; a shrew
11PERQUISITE _____a person who hates or distrusts everything
12TERMAGANT _____not providing for the future
13RECIPROCAL _____discouraged; depressed
14AMIABLE _____to gradually become less; to grow dim
15PARSE _____gloomy
16CLOYING _____a tip in addition to regulary income
17CONNOTATIVE _____containing associated meanings in addition to the primary one
18CALLOW _____mutual; having the same relationship to each other
19KNAVERY _____not yielding, firm
20IMPROVIDENT _____encourage; nuture; support

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