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SAT Words 221-240

1INDOLENT _____wordy verbal communication
2INTRACTABLE _____virtuous; free of obscenity
3ARTIFICE _____trite; without freshness or originality
4OBEISANCE _____a large number
5RESONANT _____the lending of money with an excessively high interest rate
6USARY _____having good judgment
7UNALLOYED _____a gesture of respect or reverence
8EPICURE _____to blot out; to delete
9BANAL _____trifling; futile; worthless; insignificant
10HERETIC _____stubborn; not easily taught or disciplined
11VERBOSE _____a person who has good taste in food and drink
12CHASTE _____frugal; careful with money
13DISCERNING _____one who holds opinion contrary to that which is generally accepted
14TUTELAGE _____not wanting to work
15BROACH _____the condition of being under a guardian or a tutor
16NUGATORY _____pure, of high quality
17INURED _____to introduce into conversation
18THRIFTY _____an artful device
19EXPUNGE _____accustomed to pain
20MYRIAD _____resounding; re-echoing

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