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SAT Words 241-260

1CODA _____laborious; difficult; strenuous
2GUILE _____a blunder
3SUPPLANT _____cowardly
4TEDIOUS _____trivial, inartistic, weakly constructed verse, usually of a comic nature
5ARDUOUS _____liable to be mistaken or erroneous
6FALLIBLE _____in music, a concluding passage
7SEETHE _____to mock or jeer
8GAFFE _____possessing the power to think or meditate; meditative; capable of perception
9AGGRANDIZE _____to make more powerful
10COGNITIVE _____pertaining to the earth
11DOGGEREL _____complying; obeying; yielding
12TRANSMUTE _____to take the place of
13DELETERIOUS _____irrelevant; not related; not essential
14FLOUT _____wearisome; tiresome
15TRITE _____harmful; hurtful; noxious
16COMPLIANT _____slyness in dealing with other
17CRAVEN _____suitable; apt; relevant
18TERRESTRIAL _____becoming unoriginal through too much use
19APPOSITE _____to be violently disturbed
20EXTRANEOUS _____to transform

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