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SAT Words 261-280

1ANARCHIST _____distant in interest; reserved; cool
2SLOTH _____to shun; to avoid
3EQUANIMITY _____the quality of remaining calm and undisturbed
4RECIDIVISM _____to lower one's self in order to do something believed to be beneath one's dignity
5ALOOF _____to decompose; to rot
6ECCLESIASTIC _____one who believes that a formal government is unnecessary
7ANOMALY _____hard to catch
8ENNUI _____pertaining or relating to a church
9ESCHEW _____happening accidentally
10ELUSIVE _____to prevent
11QUIESCENT _____the act of rejoicing
12EXULTATION _____aversion to work or exertion; laziness; sluggishness
13REPREHEND _____inactive; quiet; at rest
14PUTREFY _____an oddity; an inconsistency; a deviation from the norm
15LIBERTINE _____to reprimand; to find fault with
16PRECLUDE _____habitual or chronic relapse of criminal or antisocial offenses
17FORTUITOUS _____boredom; apathy
18DEIGN _____expert or skillful
19ADROIT _____rebellious; apt to quarrel; unruly
20FRACTIOUS _____one who indulges his desires without moral restraint

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