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Install Hose Assembly with armor, sleeve

Brian Cook

Match the description to the correct step.

Step 1 Route and install hose with clamps; mark
Step 2 Install brackets and clips; mark for torque
Step 3 Torque clips
Step 4 Select/ Inspect all parts
Step 5 Select/ Inspect tools for elbow and STOR
Step 6 Torque adapters (use back up wrench for elbow)
Step 7  Inspect top left block, front port & middle left block, side port
Step 8 Torque brackets
Step 9 Install armor
Step 10 Return tools to shadow board
Step 11 Install elbow to top left block, front port & straight to middle left block, side port - mark for torque
Step 12 Torque clamps
Step 13 Install sleeve

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