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SAT Words 301-320

1QUIXOTIC _____cutting; sarcastic
2DENIGRATE _____to defame; to blacken or sully; to belittle
3GERMANE _____showing no emotion
4WAN _____romantically idealistic; extravagantly chivalrous
5INTREPID _____genuine; real; sincere
6VITRIOLIC _____any personal peculiarity
7COPIOUS _____abundant; in great quantities
8IMPASSIVE _____appearance
9GUISE _____asking earnestly and submissively
10ABHOR _____bitter
11MIEN _____relevant to the point
12OPALESCENT _____iridescent
13STRIDENT _____to erase; to make inconspicuous
14IDIOSYNCRASY _____strong ill will; enmity
15EFFACE _____fearless; bold
16MORDANT _____to defame or slander
17RANCOR _____appearance, bearing, or manner
18SUPPLIANT _____creaking; harsh; grating
19UNFEIGNED _____to hate
20TRADUCE _____lacking color; sickly pale

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