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SAT Words 321-340

1PURVIEW _____charming; sweetly attractive
2HINDRANCE _____blockage; obstacle
3BRUSQUE _____to become more and more virulent and fixed
4CONVIVIALITY _____truth
5FIDELITY _____speaking ill of; using profane language
6FESTER _____getting to the heart of things; to the point
7BLASPHEMOUS _____an odd or eccentric action
8HYPOCRITICAL _____clever; resourceful
9FACETIOUS _____wordiness
10INCISIVE _____faithfulness; honesty
11INGENIOUS _____two-faced; deceptive
12PREPONDERANT _____abrupt in manner or speech; discourteously blunt
13VAGARY _____pleasure seeking
14WINSOME _____sudden feeling of uneasiness or doubt
15PARRY _____the extent of something
16SLOVENLY _____to avoid; to ward off
17QUALM _____sloppy
18VERITY _____a fondness for festiveness or joviality
19HEDONISTIC _____to outweigh; to be superior in amount, weight, etc.
20VERBIAGE _____joking in an awkward or improper manner

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