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SAT Words 341-360

1CALUMNY _____to beat harshly or scold
2PROPENSITY _____to corrupt, debase, or make impure
3SPECIOUS _____to win the goodwill of
4INCULCATE _____disrespectful; shameless; rude
5IMPUGN _____unwise; imprudent
6PENCHANT _____to speak with another; to discourse
7CONUNDRUM _____clear; distinct; expressed with clarity; skillful with words
8CONDONE _____to forgive
9PARLEY _____plausible; apparently good or right though lacking real merit
10PROPITIATE _____an inclination; a natural tendency toward
11LAMBASTE _____to attack verbally; to criticize; to refute
12HEED _____a puzzle or riddle
13REITERATE _____to impress upon the mind by persistent urging
14ADULTERATE _____to obey; to yield to
15BRINDLED _____slander
16AMALGAMATE _____to make clear; to explain
17IMPOLITIC _____a strong liking
18ARTICULATE _____streaked or spotted with a darker color; said especially of animals' coats
19IMPUDENT _____to mix; to merge; to combine
20ELUCIDATE _____to say again

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