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SAT Words 361-380

1BEHOOVE _____to be necessary; to be incumbent upon
2DERIDE _____thorough; complete
3INDEMNIFY _____germ free
4ASEPTIC _____easily bent; pliable; supple
5COGITATE _____to laugh at with contempt; to mock
6LITHE _____deceiving; misleading
7FULMINATE _____to steal
8PEDANTIC _____to pretend
9ASSIDUOUS _____to insure against or pay for loss or damage
10FORTITUDE _____to issue denunciations; to condemn
11STANCH _____to be abusive in speech
12FEIGN _____worthless; unprofitable
13PURLOIN _____carefully attentive; industrious
14CONSTRAIN _____to think hard; ponder; meditate
15FUTILE _____to stop or check the flow of; to staunch
16REVILE _____to force; to compel; to restrain
17PRATE _____to trespass or intrude
18ENCROACH _____emphasizing trivial points of learning
19EXHAUSTIVE _____firm courage; strength
20ILLUSIVE _____to talk foolishly; chatter

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