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SAT Words 381-400

1RETICENT _____prudent; economical; characterized by foresight
2COMPORT _____lying while under oath
3MACERATE _____very short-lived; lasting only a short time
4PROVIDENT _____a period of inactivity
5ABDICATE _____to reject; renounce, or abandon
6FINITE _____wise
7EXTEMPORIZE _____uninteresting; boring; flat; dull
8IMPENITENT _____self-denying
9LATENCY _____borrowed or fictitious name
10HOMEOSTASIS _____measurable; limited, not everlasting
11LASCIVIOUS _____without regret, shame, or remorse
12PSEUDONYM _____to behave in a specified manner in order to fit in
13PERJURY _____to improvise; to make it up as you go along
14AGRARIAN _____to soften by steeping in liquid
15INSIPID _____to separate or break apart
16STYMIE _____of the land
17EPHEMERAL _____reserved; typically quiet
18SUNDER _____characterized by lust
19SAGACIOUS _____to hinder or obstruct
20ASCETIC _____maintenance of stability

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