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SAT Words 401-420

1ASSUAGE _____extremely important; crucial
2FOIBLE _____to collect together; to accumulate
3QUARANTINE _____odd; peculiar; strange
4OPPROBRIOUS _____to know secret knowledge
5QUAINT _____consequence
6ALLUSION _____a minor weakness of character
7CRASS _____using sound judgment
8GARRULOUS _____abusive
9EQUINOX _____to relieve; to ease; to make less severe
10RAMIFICATION _____precise time when the day and night is of equal length
11PRIVY _____stupid; unrefined; gross
12RACONTEUR _____thrift
13AMASS _____relatives and acquaintances
14ECCENTRIC _____a person skilled at telling stories
15FRUGALITY _____extremely talkative or wordy
16DEBONAIR _____isolation of a person to prevent spread of disease
17KITH _____having an affable manner; carefree; genial
18VITAL _____to loiter; to waste time
19DALLY _____old-fashioned; unusual; odd
20JUDICIOUS _____an indirect reference (often literary): a hint

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