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Hedging Strategies using Futures

Prof. Sagar Reddy Adavelli @ RK Business School

1Tailing the Hedge _____Hedges that involve taking a long position
2 Hedge Ratio _____The difference between spot price of an asset to be hedged and futures price of contract used
3Stack and Roll _____The relationship of the size of a position in a hedging instrument to the size of the position being hedged
4Hedge _____The maximum loss from default by a counterparty
5Exposure _____Hedge which is appropriate when the hedger already owns an asset and expects to sell it at some time in the future
6Perfect Hedge _____Hedging an exposure to the price of one asset with a contract on another asset
7Short Hedge _____Procedure where short-term futures contracts are rolled forward so that long-term hedges are created
8Long Hedge _____The risk to a hedger arising from uncertainity about the basis at a future time
9Basis _____A trade designed to reduce risk
10Basis Risk _____A procedure for adjusting the number of futures contracts used for hedging to reflect daily settlement
11Cross Hedging _____An hedge which completely eliminate risk
12Stock Index _____An index monitoring the vale of a portfolio of stocks

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