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Pay Stub Terms and Definitions

Troy MIlton

Match the term with the appropriate defitnition.

1. Name of Employee B. The time you're being paid for on this pay statement; for example, Apr. 1 - Apr. 15
2. Employer G. Your take-home pay after all deductions
3. Total Earnings D. Your Name
4. Number of Hours I. Amounts taken off your cheque for different reasons. The most common deductions, which you will see on every paycheque
5. Hourly Rate H. Kind of earnings; for example, salary, vacation and public holiday pay, bonus, commission, and overtime pay. When annual holiday (vacation) pay is paid on each paycheque, it must be shown on your pay stub. Please note that tips are not considered wages, as they are not paid by the employer.
6. Amount J. The total deductions in each category since the beginning of the year (optional)
7. Deduction E. Total for that kind of earning (hourly rate X number of hours)
8. Year to Date K. Date the cheque is issued
9. Pay Period C. Name of the Company or Organization you work for
10. Pay Date F. Amount of hours your worked. On some pay statements, where time is broken into units or hours, this is called number of units or number of hours.
11. Net Pay A. The amount of money you earned per hour.

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