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Alprazolam Ativan
Clonazepam (antihistAMINE) Benadryl* (pre/post op to decrease need for narcotic)
Diazepam Anexate, Lanexat *
Flunitrazepam Imovane
Midazolam Serax
Triazolam Versed*, Dormicum
Temazepam Halcion
Flumazenil Rivatril, Klonopin
Imidazopyridine Antenex (prototype benzo)
Eszopiclone Sonata (insomnia)
Zaleplon generic
Zolpidem BuSpar (decrease sign/symptom of anxiety w/o major CNS and adverse effect
Zopiclone Rohypnol
Amobarbital Restoril *
Butabarbital Aquachloral (nocturnal sedation/preop)
Phenobarbital Seconal
Pentobarbital Lunesta *
Seconalbarbital Paral (for delirium tremens)
Paraldehyde- other anxiotic/hypnotic generic
Meprobamate -other anxiotic/hypnotic Miltown (for anxiety -4months)
Cloral Hydrate - other anxiotic/hypnotic Doral
Glutethimide - other Xanax
Promethazine- other  Luminal *
Diphenydramine - other  Librium
Buspirone - other Dalmane
Lorazepam Amytal Sodium
Chlordiazepoxide Nembutal Sodium
Clorazepate Ambien * (insomnia)
Estazolam Phenergan (pre-op, post-op to decrease need for narcotic)
Flurazepam ProSom
Oxazepam Butisol Sodium
Quazepam Tranxene

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