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What are Marvel Villains from?

Marvel Comic

Match where are Marvel Villains from movies and TV series.

Doctor Doom Same with Super Skrull-Fantastic Four
Mandarin Kind of four teams-Fantastic Four
Ultron The Doctor can transform-Spider-Man
Magneto Jean Grey became a bad girl-X-Men
Bullseye He battles with Wolverine-X-Men
Winter Soldier Victor Von Doom wore a green hood and silver metal mask-Fantastic Four
Sandman He is like Hitler-Captain America
Abomination Bucky Barnes lost his memory-Captain America
Juggernaut Diamond Woman-X-Men
Loki Adopt and evil of Gods-Thor, The Avengers
Green Goblin He got turn into Sand-Spider-Man
Super Skrull Uses martial arts-Daredevil, Spider-Man
IronMonger She can change her body into mutants and other people-X-Men
Mystique Ruler of Dark Elves-Thor
Venom A pumpkin head-Ghost Rider
Carnage He transformed like Bruce Banner-Hulk
Red Skull A very giant and fires-Iron Man
Malekith Vast Cosmic-The Avengers
Dark Phoenix Strong Man with a blonde hair and stripes shirt-The Punisher
Ronan Eric wore a helmet and his telekinetic-X-Men
Puppet Master Black Spidey-Spider-Man
Apocalypse A demon-Ghostrider
Deacon Frost She can speed-X-Men
Doctor Octopus Step Father of Alicia-Fantastic Four
Modok Using same powers as Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Storm-Fantastic Four
Callisto An Enemy of Silver Surfer-Fantastic Four
Electro Father of Harry Osborne-Spider-Man
Emma Frost He has ten rings-Iron Man
Galactus He has no power and use weapons-Daredevil
Skrulls He can hit and smash-X-Men
Blackheart Ugly Red Spidey like Venom-Spider-Man
King Pin Mad Genius Scientist-Spider-Man
Jigsaw Athetlic Man with scar over his face-The Punisher
Toad Molecular body-X-Men
The Lizard A mad scientist-Fantastic Four
Mad Thinker Huge Giant Head-The Avengers
Sabretooth Spit and sticks tongue out-X-Men
The Russian Energy-Spider-Man
Jack O Lantern Robot when Tony Stark created-The Avengers
Thanos Superhuman Strength-Guardians of the Galaxy
Frightful Four Leader of Vampires-Blade

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