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Portfolio Management

Raju Rathipelli @ RK Business School, Hyderabad

Making decisions about investment mix and policy. Shareholder option
It defines general investment goals and objectives. Mutual fund
Estimation of the value of an investment. Fear of regret
Measure of variability in the sampling distribution of a statistic. Portfolio dedication
A rise in the value of an asset based on a rise in market price. Total return
Cash which is not participating in the market. Asset allocation
A portfolio is assembled to meet the specific needs of an investor.  Time horizon
Matches the duration of assets in a portfolio to the duration of the liabilities. Closed-end fund
Law that encourages or discourages foreign investment in the local economy. Plan sponsor
Systematic plan to allocate investable assets. Duration matching
Selecting assets so that cash flows will equal or exceed the client's obligations. Cash matching
Dividends paid out as a proportion of cash flow. Liability funding
Portfolios are matched with estimated future liabilities. Exchange-traded fund
Portfolios can also be listed under more than one menu item. Portfolio management
Capacity to maintain stable Net Asset Value. Statement of investment policy
Is the sum of dividends, interest, and capital gain or loss. Standard error
A pool of funds collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities. Endowment fund
Is a collective investment scheme that has a fixed number of shares which are not redeemable from the fund. Investment strategy
Is a collective investment scheme which can issue and redeem shares at any time. Investment policy
Is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges. Open-end fund
Is an investment professional, who manages the allocation of the financial resources. Investment management
A mutual fund that comes with a sales charge or commission. Payout rate
A mutual fund in which shares are sold without a commission or sales charge. Sales charges
A commission paid by an investor on his or her investment. Stability of principal
The way in which shareholders wish companies to communicate with them. Capital appreciation
An investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward. Load fund
A broad group of securities or investments that tend to react similarly in different market conditions. No-load fund
The capital that provides income for an institution. Expected return
Theory that can motivate investment decisions. Asset class
A list of securities that have been approved by certain state securities regulators for purchase by fiduciaries. Cash drag
An employer or company that offers a plan to employees. Legal list
Aims to achieve for the relevant investment option. Target return
The process of managing money. Portfolio splitting
Is a fixed point of time in the future at which point certain processes will be evaluated or assumed to end. Fund manager

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