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Match Countries and Capital Cities Together

Name:_____________________________ Date:_______ Period:_____

North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Japan Belgrade
France Niamey
England Buenos Aires
Cambodia Bangkok
Thailand Moscow
Australia Brasilia
Italy Phnom Penh
Mexico Nuuk
Spain Apia
Brazil Abuja
Phillipines Oslo
Madagascar New Delhi
Egypt Kuala Lumpur
Finland Santiago
Laos Helsinki
China Paris
Taiwan Port Moresby
Germany Taipei
New Zealand San Salvador
Hawaii Rome
Cuba Mexico City
El Salvador Honolulu
Jamaica Canberra
Samoa Naypyidaw
Vietnam Lima
Mongolia Manila
Russia Astana
Ukraine Windhoek
Serbia Warsaw
North Korea Tripoli
South Korea Kingston
Namibia Stockholm
Zimbabwe Berlin
India Cardiff
Iraq Baghdad
Greenland Jakarta
Canada Ottawa
Turkey Kiev
Chile Pyongyang
Indonesia Beijing
Libya Bucharest
Peru Tokyo
Wales Bogota
Greece Islamabad
Romania Harare
Papua New Guinea Singapore
Colombia Wellington
Kazakhstan Ulan Bator
Singapore Athens
Norway Hanoi
Poland Cairo
Argentina Vientiane
Malaysia Antananarivo
Niger Mogadiahu
Nigeria Ankara
Somalia Havana
Burma Madrid
Nepal Kathmandu
Pakistan Seoul
Sweden London

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