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Describing people

Ferney Jiménez

Match the answers to the questions. There is one extra answer.>>>>> > Keep in mind this vocabulary: ~ How tall: Qué tan alta(o)// ~ Curly: Crespo / rizado// ~ Taller than: más alta(o)// ~ Who do you look like?: ¿A quién te pareces)// ~ Look alike: se ven parecidas(os)// ~ Look like: parecerse a

No, I'm not. He's 1.70 meters. How tall is your father?
He's about 1.85 meters. Do you and your sister look alike?
She has long black hair and dark eyes. Does your brother have curly hair?
Yes, he does, but it's short. Are you taller than your brother?
It's light brown. Who do you look like?
No, we don't. She has blond hair. ~
I look like my grandmother. What color is your sister's hair?

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