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4th grade unit 1

skate Used to show something that will take place or exist in the future
blade A hard, usually clear substance that breaks easily.
gain Secure or free from danger, risk, or harm.
safe A boot, shoe, or metal frame having a metal blade used for gliding on ice.
drag To hope very much.
past A living thing, as a flower, tree, fern, or mushroom, that is not an animal, that cannot usually move from place to place, but can usually make its own food.
aid  The act of selling.
gray Physical suffering caused by injury or sickness.
drain A slice of meat, as beef or fish, that is usually broiled or fried.
break Expressing a time gone by.
jail To get or obtain by effort.
shape The outer form of an object; outline.
plant A pipe or channel by which liquid is drained off.
hang A place for keeping persons who are serving sentences for crimes.
pray To separate into two or more pieces as the result of force or strain; to crack or split.
pain To give help to; assist.
glass A color made my mixing black and white.
shall To draw along the ground or haul by force; to pull.
sale The flat, sharp-edged part of a cutting instrument. such as a knife, saw, razor, or sword.
steak To fasten or be attached at the upper end only.

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