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spelling aug 18-22

4th grade unit 2

peach A piece of furniture with a top for use in reading or writing, often in a classroom.
sweet The condition of moving or acting rapidly; quickness.
feast Past tense and past participle of spend.
free The direction in which the sun is seen rising in the morning.
reach To go as far as; arrive at.
kept Not artificial; genuine.
spent A series of pictures, thoughts, or emotions occurring during sleep.
field Past tense and past participle of keep.
desk A fancy meal; banquet.
least An area of land where a crop is grown, a natural product is obtained, or a special activity is done.
east Low in price; inexpensive.
greed Having a pleasing taste like that of sugar.
real To set at liberty.
dream A sweet, round, round, juicy fruit with fuzzy yellow or pink skin and a pit with a hard shell.
west A selfish desire for more than what one needs or deserves.
speed A cook, especially the chief cook of a restaurant.
cheap Smallest in degree or size.
cheif The direction in which the sun is seen setting in the evening.

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