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The Best Restraint Position for unruly dogs, saphenous blood draws, and stifle exams/radiographs Zoonotic
The dog is showing which type of behavior if his ears are pinned back and the tail is between legs Puppy
Animal is on it's chest Stud
Animal is on it's Back Socialization
Best position for Jugular Venipuncture Cage Aggression
Best Restraint for Agressive Cat  Lateral Recumbacy
Extend hand Palm facing down and allow them to sniff Bitch
Animals who will not come to you should be approached Soft, High-Pitched Voices
Animals respond best when spoken to with Dorsal Recumbancy
sedative/ Tanquilizer Safety
Firm, Authoritative Commands cotton balls
The use of a Muzzle or Rabies Pole Chemical Restraint
The biggest reason we use proper restraint techniques Nervous
May intimidate the animal The Owner
Never remove an animal from this persons arms last resort for restraint
Extreme aggression when in a small or confined space 7
Scooping one arn around chest and one arm around rump or under abdomen to pick up 63 days
Format for Documenting in Medical Records Monogastric
Able to reproduce Verbal Restraint
Dogs under 1 years old Neuter
Adult, Intact female Rickettsial diseases
Adult, Intact Male Slowly and From the Front
Neuter of a female Lifting Technique for dogs
altering by removal of sex organs Sternal Recumbancy
Gestation period of dogs Sitting/ Standing
one simple stomach SOAP
Number of AKC breed groups Mechanical Restraint
orphan formula requirements 60 mls/lb/day
The process of quitting nursing and beginning to eat solid food  Anal Glands
Dogs over 7  Weaning
Rabies pole seniors
Teaching an animal to be friendly with others Spay
Placed in the ears prior to bath Kitty Burrito
Dogs may scoot on butts if these need expressed Prolonged Staring
Transmitted by ticks Proper Way to Greet a Dog
Can be spread from animals to humans  Intact

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