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I have lived a thousand years

SS nit of mass in the metric syst em. 1000 grams. 50 kilograms is equal to 110.23 pounds
veranda any segregated mode of living or working that result s from bias or segregation. Formerly in most European countri es, a section of a city in whi ch Jews were required to live
stupor  German, world pain, sadness about the world ’ s evils.
proximity  large open porch.
kilograms  Jewish spiritual leader; a Jewish righteous person
weltschmerz  Jewish scripture, containing in struction, used in services
torah a sacred song, a hymn
psalms In Nazism a non-Jewish Caucasian, supposed to be par t of a master race; Refers to the blond haired, blue eyed, physical ideal of nazi Germany
kiddush he region close around a person or thing; nearness in place
gentile he police force founded in Naz i Germany and administered the concentration camps
synagogue  In Judaism, a blessing recited over a cup of wine or bread on the Sabbath.
aryan a person who is not jewish
Tzaddik a jewish house of worship
ghetto to put an end to , to put to death, to kill
liquidation  state of mental numbness.

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