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The Pulmonary System

Tori Willis

This puzzle has been designed to help students(including myself) learn the pulmonary(respiratory) system in the medical field.

atel/o- Suffix for condition of the blood; substance in the blood.
alveolus Pleural friction rub, rales, rhonchi, stridor, or wheeze.
tachypnea Combining form for rib.
apex Tubular air passageway that branches off the trachea and enters the lungs.
-ectasis Small tubular passageway that branches off the bronchus.
bronchiole Accumulation of fluid within the pleural space due to inflammation.
larynx Wall of cartilage and bone that divides the nasal cavity into right and left.
cardiopulmonary Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration
hemothorax Incomplete expansion or collapse of part or all of a lung due to mucus, tumor, trauma, or obstructing foreign body in the bronchus.
cardi/o- Coughing up blood.
empyema Large volume of air that forms in the pleural space and progressively separates the two pleural membranes that compresses or collapses the lungs.
diaphragm The rounded top of each lung.
atelectasis Combining form for lung
epiglottis Structure that contains the vocal cords and is a passageway for inhaled and exhaled air.
pneumothorax Rigid tubular passageway between the larnyx and bronchi.
lobe Hollow space within the thorax that is filled with lungs and mediastinum.
thoracocentesis Throat
lung Suffix meaning condition of dilation.
bronchiectasis Bone that forms the anterior middle part of the bony thorax.
mediastinum Pertaining to the heart and lungs.
-emia Irregular crackling or bubbling sounds during inspiration.
pleura Inflammation of the pleura.
pleural effusion  Lid like structure that seals off the larynx, so swallowed food goes into the esophagus.
ribs Combining form for trachea.
-centesis Branching structures of the respiratory system that resemble an upside down tree trunk and its branches.
cost/o- Abnormally low level of oxygen in the arterial blood.
hemoptysis Suffix for procedure to puncture.
septum Prolonged, extremely severe, life-threatening asthma attack.
pulmonary function tests Abnormally rapid rate of breathing cause by lung disease.
sept/o- PFTs
pharynx Fluid in the alveoli because of failure of the left side of the heart to adequately pump blood.
sternum Large division of the lung, visible on the outer surface.
purulent Curved bones that form the lateral parts of the bony thorax.
thoracic cavity Localized collection of the purulent material(pus) in the thoracic cavity.
pulmonary edema Presence of blood in the thoracic cavity, usually from trauma.
trachea Condition in the lungs causing excessive inflation.
bronchopneumonia Brief or prolonged absence of spontaneous respiration.
trache/o- Serous membrane that lines the thoracic cavity and folds back on itself to cover the surface of the lung.
bronchus Hollow sphere of cells in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged.
tracheobronchial tree Combing form for incomplete.
hypoxemia High-pitched whistling or squeaking sounds during inspiration or expiration.
asthma Surgical procedure that uses a needle and syringe to remove pleural fluid from the pleural space.
pulmon/o- Muscular sheet that divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity.
bronchospasm Smaller cavity within the thoracic cavity that contains the trachea and other structures not related to the respiratory system.
status asthmaticus Blockage of one of the pulmonary arteries by a blood clot or fat globule.
bronchitis Contraction of the smooth muscle of the bronchi.
abnormal breath sounds Chronic, permanent enlargement and loss of elacticity of the bronchi and bronchioles.
rales High-pitched, harsh, crowing sound due to obstruction in trachea/larnyx.
rhonchi Acute viral infection of the upper and lower respiratory tracts.
stridor Combining form for septum.
wheezes Humming, whistling, or snoring sounds during inspiration and expiration.
emphysema Organ of respiration that contains alveoli.
influenza  Affects the bronchi, bronchioles, and the adjacent lung tissue and alveoli.
pulmonary embolism  Surgical procedure that uses a flexible, lighted bronchoscope inserted through the mouth to examine the trachea and bronchi.
pleurisy Combining form for heart.
anoxia Complete lack of oxygen in the arterial blood and body tissues.
tracheostomy Acute or chronic inflammation of infection of the bronchi.
TPR Pertaining to pus.
bronchoscopy Sudden onset of hyperactivity of the bronchi and bronchioles swelling severely narrowing the lumens.
apnea Incision into the trachea and creation of a permanent opening.

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