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Chapter 3 :colonies


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Charter A minister of a church in the town of Salem, believed the puritans should split entirely from the Church of England also founded Rhode Island
Representative government Sent out from London to lead the colony of Jamestown In 1608
John Smith Recognition that other people have the right to different opinions
Toleration Became proprietor after George Calvert his father died and got the assembly to pass the Act of Toleration
John Winthrop A wealthy man who personally knew King Charles 2 and wanted to find a place for Quakers and founded Pennsylvania
Roger Williams People who owe money
Thomas hooker Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon set a boundary line that divided Maryland and Pennsylvania
John wheelwright The form of government in which voters elect people to make laws for them
William Penn A large farm where crops such as cotton, sugar, and rice grew
Proprietary colony A colony created by a grant of land from a monarch to an individual or family
Royal colony The leader of the puritans who was a respected landowner send lawyer
Back country A minister who disagreed with puritan leaders and founded the town of Hartford, Connecticut
Lord Baltimore A document issued by a government that grants specific rights to a person or company
Plantation Was forced to leave Massacgusetts, and founded the town of Exeter, New Hampshire
James Oglethorpe Was a frontier region extending through several colonies, from Pennsylvania to Georgia
Debtor A colony controlled directly by English king
Mason-Dixon Line He wanted a colony where there would be protection for English debtors

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