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Homeostasis (7.4) Matching


1Active Transport  _____ A solution in which the concentration of dissolved substances outside the cell is higher than the concentration inside the cell.
2Diffusion  _____ When larger particles pass through channel or carrier protein molecules.
3Dynamic Equilibrium  _____ When a cell engulfs (swallows/eats) another cell
4Endocytosis  _____ Waste product is excreted out by bursting the vesicle at the cell membrane
5Endosmosis  _____ A model of plasma membrane, with components constantly in motion, sliding past one another within the lipid bilayer.
6Exocytosis  _____ Plasma membrane, made up of two layers of phospholipid molecules.
7Exosmosis  _____ When the amount of water moving in and out is equal.
8Facilitated diffusion  _____ Doesn’t require energy.
9Homeostasis  _____ Particles taken in through the cell membrane and a vesicle is formed
10Hypertonic solution  _____ A liquid droplet is taken in through the cell membrane and a vesicle is formed
11Hypotonic solution  _____ Maintaining Chemical Balance inside the cell.
12Isotonic solution  _____ Requires energy in the form of ATP
13Osmosis  _____ Building block of plasma membrane; the molecule that consists of a hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tails.
14Passive Transport  _____ Proteins embedded in the plasma membrane, allowing material to pass through, in and out of the cell.
15Phagocytosis  _____ If the concentration of the dissolved substances outside the cell is same as inside the cell, the solution out side the cell is called
16Pinocytosis  _____ Movement of solute particles across a selectively permeable membrane.
17Sodium potassium pump  _____ solution the concentration of dissolved substances inside the cell is higher than the concentration outside the cell.
18Vesicle mediated transport  _____ Movement of solvent (water) particles from area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration.
19Phospholipid bi layer  _____ When water exits the cells.
20Fluid mosaic model  _____ When a particle is taken in through the plasma membrane by making a vesicle or vacule.
21Transport protein  _____ When water enters the cell.
22Phospholipid molecule  _____ An example of active transport.

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