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Wills and Inheritance Glossary

Mr Mac

Match the words with their definition

assets the process of sanitizing, disinfecting and temporarily preserving a dead body
beneficiary describing who your assets are to go to after you die
burial what is left of an estate after debts have been paid
cemetery a person or organization legally established
codicil the person nominated by the will maker to supervise the administration of the estate of the will maker
coroner a container into which cremated remains are placed
committal service to dig up the remains; to remove from the place of burial
cortege where the deceased died without a will, or if it is incomplete
cremation those things of value which comprise the estate of a deceased person.
crematory the document issued by the probate court which recognizes the executor.
death notice the custom of availing the deceased for viewing by relatives prior to or after the funeral service
embalm the benefit to be received by a beneficiary.
estate rigidity of the muscles which occurs at death
executor a watch kept over the deceased, sometimes lasting the entire night preceding the funeral
exhume newspaper article publicizing the death of a person and giving details of the funeral service
funeral director funeral arrangements completed by an individual prior to his/her death.
gift the person who makes the will, the will maker
grant of probate a public official whose duty it is to investigate the case of death from other than natural causes
grave liner the statement which legally cancels previous acts, such as a will
guardian a document giving power to another to act on your behalf
inherit a person named in a will to protect and provide for a child under 18 years of age.
in state your will, the last written statement by you
intestacy a document which is added later to a will to change the will
joint ownership a person or organization that has been given entitlements under a will
morgue placing of a dead body in an underground
mausoleum a receptacle made of concrete into which the casket is placed as an extra precaution
pallbearers individuals whose duty is to carry the casket when necessary during funeral service
plot to die before someone else.
power of attorney the sum of all assets of a deceased person
prearranged funeral the final portion of the funeral service at which time the deceased is entombed
pre-decease a building with a furnace called a retort which is used to cremate human remains
probate a place to where bodies found dead are removed and pending identification by relatives
residue the funeral procession
revocation an area of ground set aside for burial or entombment of the deceased
rigor mortis a professional who prepares for the burial or other disposition of dead human bodies
testamentary a public or private building especially designed to receive entombments
disposition a certificate issued by the court allowing the executors to deal with the will maker's estate
testator to benefit from an estate of a deceased person
trustee where there is more than one owner of an asset.
urn a process which reduces the body by heat to small bone frag - ments.
wake a specific area of ground in a cemetery owned by a family or individual

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